Avery Dennison Joins with Industry Leaders to Offer Avery Visitor Badging Solutions

DALLAS, Texas -- Avery Dennison Worldwide Office Products Group announced several new business alliances that support the Avery Photo ID product platform at the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) International 2004 Seminar and Exhibits. Avery Photo ID Badge Templates will now be included in many of the leading software products in the security industry.

These software products include electronic access control and visitor management software from EasyLobby, Hirsch Electronics, Lenel Systems International, Inc., SISCO and STOPware. The Avery Photo ID Templates provide businesses, government agencies and other organizations using these software products with the ability to print high-quality color visitor badges one at a time using Avery pre-set layouts and a standard ink jet printer.

"Our relationship with these strategic partners underscores Avery Dennison's commitment to establishing alliances that provide organizations with effective and innovative badging solutions," said Keith Dunnell, director of Avery Photo ID Systems. "By integrating Avery Photo ID Badge Templates into our alliance partners' software, their customers will benefit from the ability to quickly, easily and affordably print high-quality color visitor and temporary badges."

Avery Dennison offers a wide range of innovative badge supplies and accessories including self-adhesive badges, card stock badges and self-laminated badges for use with standard ink jet or laser printers. At ASIS International 2004, the world's largest security event, three new products will be introduced to enhance the line: Photo ID Self-Expiring Badge Labels, Photo ID Fold & Clip Badges, and Photo ID Badges for the new Avery Personal Label Printer.

EasyLobby's suite of products provides complete, fast and secure visitor registration and pre-registration, management, reporting and badges. With new EasyLobby SVM 7.0, visitors electronically scan their cards (driver's license or business card), all relevant information is captured in a database and professional quality visitor badges are printed.

Hirsch Electronics manufactures award-winning access control, badging and visitor management solutions. Hirsch's Velocity Visitor Management solution enables organizations to secure their lobby by eliminating paper logs, recording identification details about visitors, being alerted to suspect visitors, issuing professional badges, controlling access, tracking visitation and more.

Lenel's OnGuard suite of applications includes support for Avery Photo ID Badge Templates. OnGuard ID Credential Center(tm) is an advanced credential management system offering centralized user enrollment of photo, signature, biometric and demographic data. OnGuard BadgeDesigner is used to create customized visitor/credential badge layouts. OnGuard Visitor(tm) enables organizations to manage and track visitors throughout facilities.

FAST-PASS is SISCO's high-level visitor and employee control and identification system. It was designed to replace the manual visitor logbooks and generic visitor passes still in use by many facilities. FAST-PASS works in real-time, captures a person's ID (such as a driver's license), provides a photo pass in seconds, and can be easily integrated with most systems.

STOPware's flagship product, PassagePoint,is a comprehensive visitor software package that combines requirements for high level security with visitor badging and management. Lobby personnel can register visitors quickly and efficiently, produce attractive color photo identification badges, keep a digital record of all facility visitors, and maintain a more professional entrance or lobby.