GE Revamps Picture Perfect 3.0 to Ensure Cross-Platform Compatibility

GE Infrastructure, Security today announced that its Picture Perfect 3.0 enterprise access control and security management system, the number one choice among Fortune 100 companies, has undergone a dramatic transformation. The new Picture Perfect 3.0 now features a Java-based user interface that leverages Java database connectivity (JDBC) technology, virtually ensuring cross-platform compatibility with ERP, human resources and other enterprise applications.

"Picture Perfect has been the favorite security management platform for large, multi-site organizations for years," said George Martinez, Enterprise Solutions vice president of marketing for GE?s security business. "Fortune 100 companies prefer Picture Perfect, which runs on UNIX, because it is one of the most reliable access control systems available today. The new Picture Perfect 3.0 now also runs on the latest version of Red Hat Linux as well as on IBM AIX. In addition, Picture Perfect 3.0's ODBC compliance, incorporation of JDBC technology into its Web client, and its feature-rich XML API gives customers the flexibility to adapt it within their network architectures."

The Picture Perfect 3.0 server runs on top of IBM AIX version 5.2 on the IBM pSeries or on top of Linux on Pentium-based servers. Both operating systems are less susceptible to computer viruses and more stable than Windows in shared-server or multi-user environments. Combining the stability of UNIX with Picture Perfect 3.0's redundant host results in extremely high availability. To ensure the security of data exchanges between users and the Picture Perfect server, Picture Perfect 3.0 uses Triple DES SSL encryption.

Picture Perfect provides a high level of customization by the end user. It also generates user interfaces dynamically, based on information stored in the database. Therefore, once an administrator makes enhancements to the user interface, they are pushed out to all users automatically upon log-in.

With Picture Perfect 3.0, customers can support an unlimited number of badge holders and card readers. It also provides access to advanced features such as database partitioning and occupancy control. Version 3.0 also lets an organization delegate facility administration while still maintaining centralized control. It provides real-time monitoring and audit trails.

Users access all of Picture Perfect 3.0's features, including badge creation, through a single web-based user interface. This updated user interface offers easily recognizable icons and a reduced number of user screens for quicker access to often-used features. A tabbed interface better organizes screens, while the familiar main menu keeps critical functions at your fingertips.

Picture Perfect 3.0 also includes interfaces that enable it to integrate easily with access control and alarm functions, CCTV, fire detection, intercom, intrusion detection and central monitoring systems. It offers built-in support for six languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Hebrew, and global time zones.

Picture Perfect 3.0 will be available in December, 2004. For more information, visit