Diebold Launches Anixter CCTP Technology for Electronic Security Video Business

Anixter, the world's leading supplier of network cabling systems and products for voice, data and security applications, is pleased to announce that Diebold, Incorporated has approved the use of Anixter's Closed-Circuit Twisted Pair (CCTP) product set in its electronic security integration business.

Closed-Circuit Twisted Pair (CCTP) is an award-winning, end-to-end video surveillance system that bridges the gap between IT and security. CCTP offers a revolutionary way to run traditional Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras and devices over a single Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable. With CCTP's unique design, the system can deliver power, video and control over UTP cable to reduce the amount of cabling required to wire video surveillance systems.

Diebold is one of the nation's leading security integrators. The CCTP product has the potential to provide cost savings and simpler installations to the company's customers.

"Diebold is recognized as an industry leader in security installation services and has an excellent track record of responding to its customers' changing needs," said Marc Abbagnaro, vice president of marketing, physical security, for Anixter. "The addition of CCTP as an approved technology fits well within Diebold's portfolio of providing quality, innovative products to its customer base."

Features of CCTP:

-- CCTP is designed to support today's analog systems and allow easy migration to digital and IP-based systems running on an Ethernet network.

-- CCTP is the only standards-based CCTV system in the market today.

The result is a flexible migration path for customers who use analog today, but have designs on migration of their video surveillance to a digital- or IP-based network tomorrow.

Diebold, a global leader in providing integrated, self-service delivery systems, security and service, chose to include CCTP as part of its security solutions because of its ability to reduce overall system cost and simplify the installation process. Typically, when installing a video security system, three cables are needed -- one to transmit the video signal, a second to deliver power to the camera and a third to enable the camera to tilt and zoom. The CCTP system uses one cable for all three functions.

"At Diebold, we know when a company purchases a security system, it's about more than the product," said Richard Baggot, vice president of Diebold's Electronic Security and Currency Systems Group. "It's also about the installation, the service -- the entire package. That's why we address all aspects of the system, not just the devices you see on the wall. We're constantly working to delight our customers by incorporating technology that will add value and reduce cost. By providing options like Anixter's CCTP technology, we're able to do just that."

In addition to CCTP, Anixter also provides product and value-add supply chain services to support its customers' needs in video surveillance; access control; low-voltage cabling; network and environmental monitoring systems; and sound and overhead paging systems.