Orthogon Wireless Technology Used in Video Security of Inauguration

ASHBURTON, United Kingdom and WALTHAM, Mass. -- Orthogon Systems, a leading provider of high performance point-to-point broadband wireless systems, supplied the broadband wireless platforms for connecting video security equipment at the 55th U.S. Presidential Inauguration on January 20, 2005 in Washington D.C.

Designated a National Special Security Event (NSSE), the inauguration demanded the highest level of security and reliability from its technology providers. Orthogon's OS-Gemini provided secure high-bandwidth connectivity between security cameras strategically placed on Pennsylvania Avenue and a security headquarters location outside Washington D.C. The wireless systems connected across obstructed Non-Line-of-Sight (NLoS) paths with high levels of interference where other point-to-point wireless products could not operate.

"Deploying a wireless network at such a prestigious, security-intensive event leaves no room for error," said Robert Franklin, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Morgan Franklin Corporation, a leading systems integrator for the U.S. Government. "With an unusually high level of interference, as well as obstacles that prevented direct line-of-sight connections, Orthogon's OS-Gemini allowed us to locate the security cameras where they were most needed, regardless of obstruction or noise. They provided solid operation throughout the event and our U.S. Government customer was very pleased."

The OS-Gemini connected video security cameras from IPIX Corporation (NASDAQ:IPIX), a premium supplier of 360-degree video surveillance technology, delivering real-time security operations throughout the inauguration procession and ceremony. The wireless links connected multiple IPIX cameras, at different locations, around buildings and trees to a single headquarters location. Because of overlapping signal paths and the close proximity of radios at the receiving end, the OS-Gemini also overcame very high levels of interference to connect with carrier-grade reliability.

"The Orthogon wireless broadband systems gave IPIX 360-degree cameras the ability to transmit live video images from remote locations with high frame rates," said Clara Conti, CEO of IPIX. "Orthogon Systems provides both the high bandwidth and long range capabilities that now allow IPIX to offer it's military and law enforcement customers a high quality surveillance and monitoring system for remote and mobile uses".

The combined Orthogon Systems/IPIX solution was instrumental in assisting numerous law enforcement agencies during the 55th US Presidential Inauguration.