Protection Partners Selects Strix Systems' Wireless Mesh for Real-Time Surveillance System

Strix's multi-radio wi-fi mesh serves as alternative to fiber for integrated voice, video, and data surveillance systems

As an international consulting agency, PPI has always operated as a vendor- and product-agnostic systems designer, using only the best product for any given deployment. Along with governments and corporations, PPI also works with many organizations in the burgeoning energy market, which require very high-performance mesh systems to facilitate their network demands. In complicated projects that require integrated voice, video, and data on one system and where the use of wireless technology would significantly reduce the time and cost of deployment, PPI has determined that Strix's multi-radio wireless mesh technology is the only system that can support their customers' needs.

"As a part of the win, Strix Systems also sees another great market match between our high-performance, easy-to-deploy wireless mesh systems and the harsh communications demands of the energy market place," said Cyrus Irani, vice president of marketing and strategy at Strix Systems.

"By working with Protection Partners International, we have proven that multi-radio architecture is the only wireless mesh capable of supporting extremely high-demand integrated voice, video, and data networks," said Bruce Brown, president and CEO at Strix Systems. "PPI's customers demand the most redundant and highest-performance networks available, and being designated as PPI's choice for fiber-alternative wireless networking is a strong validation of Strix's technology. To be deployed as an alternative to fiber optic systems from a capability perspective is one of the greatest endorsements and compliments of our Access/One Mesh System."