API Installs Security System at Saint Mary's Hospital in Wisconsin

API Software Inc. (www.apisoftwareinc.com) has installed its SecurALL access control application at Saint Mary's Hospital in Rhinelander, Wisc. SecurALL is an enterprise-wide access-control system that helps healthcare organizations regulate and monitor facility access throughout an organization in real time.

Before opening the doors on this brand new healthcare facility, the security team at Saint Mary's Hospital faced two primary challenges -- minimizing the cost of manual key management, and how to lock down an outpatient clinic with 8-5 weekday hours housed within the hospital campus which is open 24 hours a day. The organization determined the most effective solution to both challenges was segmented lockdown managed by a central system. API's SecurALL technology provided the most comprehensive solution, plus it could be integrated with Saint Mary's and Ministry Medical Group-Rhinelander's existing API labor resource management system.

With SecurALL, access procedures are simplified. A single scan of a hospital identification card at the badge reader, and approved employees can enter secure areas. Saint Mary's Hospital and Ministry Medical Group-Rhinelander's clinic utilizes 45 readers throughout the 238,460 square-foot campus, including primary exit doors, and defined elevators. SecurALL monitors and manages all access points from a single workstation. For example, 15 door and elevator access points in the Ministry Medical Group-Rhinelander's Clinic within Saint Mary's Hospital are automatically locked down at 5 p.m. each day, without someone required to manually secure the area.

"As staff walked into our new facility for the very first time, they swiped their activated badges, and door access security was immediately set in place," said Howard Dobizl, director of information systems for Sacred Heart and Saint Mary's Hospitals. "With API, we are able to leverage our existing human resource information system (HRIS) and integrate that seamlessly into our door security and management strategy."

With SecurALL's sophisticated reporting tools, organizations can quickly and easily obtain detailed information and track employee access to, or attempt to access, secure areas. Security reviews for internal audits as well as JCAHO and HIPAA regulations are quick, easy, accurate and comprehensive.

"When an employee loses a key, they've breached building security. When they lose a badge, all an organization has to do is cancel and re-issue a new badge," said Luis Garcia, API president and chief executive officer. "Saint Mary's has done an extraordinary job taking full advantage of the power of a truly integrated labor resource management system. They can now save time and money since they don't have to continually replace keys and locks as well as inform people of passcode and combination changes."