MDI Security Receives UL Certification on Access Control Hardware and Security Software

MDI Security Systems, the foundation of MDI, Inc. and "your secure choice for the future" has announced today that its Integrated Digital Controller (IDC) access control hardware and SAFEware Software v5.6.3 have been approved and certified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) after rigorous product testing and inspection by their world-renowned engineering team. UL has developed more than 800 Standards for Safety, which are essential to help insure public safety, establish buyer confidence, reduce business costs, improve overall quality and effectively promote a certified company's product and service capabilities.

The company's IDC hardware includes the Network Local Controller and Communications Board (NLC/COMM), Alarm Zone Controller (AZC), Dual Door Controller (DDC) and Output Relay Controllers (ORC), which are designed to scale easily and cost-effectively to meet the business changes and growth needs of MDI clients. The IDC hardware and SAFEware Software is part of the revolutionary SAFEnet SecuritySuite integrated security management system.

The SAFEnet SecuritySuite is designed for easy control and the administration of complex, large-scale, multi-site security management requirements. It is based on an integrated network architecture utilizing standard Ethernet technology and TCP/IP communication protocols to interconnect all components and devices of the system which include:
* Access control alarms
* Analog video
* Digital video
* Intercoms
* PA systems
* Audio surveillance and
* Video storage.

The application framework provides an integrated infrastructure into which all of the functional modules are plug-ins with standardized interfaces, which allow updating of modules and communication with legacy systems to become seamless and robust - ultimately saving time and money with no loss of production. Dependability and elimination of equipment obsolescence and replacement costs allow for drastic increases in return on investment for MDI customers versus the competition. The system can be configured for single user or multi-user workstations, which are operated on commercially available LAN and WAN backbones, including the Internet. Rapid deployment of commands and video streaming technology have been combined with digital storage and network capacity in order to produce an expandable, flexible and robust architecture for access control and CCTV security applications.

"The UL certification that we've achieved for our hardware and software gives our valued clients, dealers and business partners third-party assurance from the most credible product testing lab in the world that MDI solutions deliver the quality, safety and performance levels that our customers need and expect," said Collier Sparks, CEO of MDI, Inc. and President of MDI Security Systems. "I stand firm in my claim that no other vendor in the security industry offers a comparable or more proven product for access control and integrated security management. This is an excellent achievement for our growing company and it gives us a significant competitive edge in a market where there is truly no room for error," he added.