Sacramento State Upgrades to Schlage VIP Locks

IR Security & Safety Electronic Control Systems today announced that California State University-Sacramento (CSU-S) is upgrading to Schlage VIP (Value Integration Platform) locking systems, which let users monitor door openings with their own existing, third party access control panels and software. The VIP open architecture platform seamlessly connects the specially designed door lock to a panel interface board (PIB) that connects to any present access control panel.

Sacramento State is upgrading from offline, standalone Schlage Computer-Managed (CM) offline locking systems to the new VIP locks, which are hardwired and integrate smoothly into its existing Hirsch Electronics access control panels and software. With the VIP locks, there is no need for separate components or multiple manufacturers' products. Users access the VIP lock with either magnetic stripe or HID proximity cards.

"Our main concern was labor-saving costs because you have to physically visit each site to change lock configuration with the standalone locks," reports Lead Locksmith Steve Smith. "It's very labor intensive when you get a lot of doors. We just don't have the labor to do that so we're migrating upwards to hardwired systems."

With VIP locks, credential data and door status information required by the access control panel, such as door position or request-to-exit status, are passed via RS-485 communication from the lock to the panel via the PIB (Panel Interface Board) provided with the locks. The access control panel maintains control of the lock status and status indication on the VIP locks as it does with present electric strike or electromagnetic locking systems. All monitoring is captured at the remote monitoring station.

The university currently has several hundred offline locks installed on campus, but intends to eventually replace them all with VIP locks. The first VIP upgrades have been installed mainly on computer labs that are open to students 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"With the VIP locks, we can control them all from one central location," Smith continues. "The labor savings in the long run will make it a smart and economical way to go."

Alarms Unlimited of Sacramento is performing the upgrade.

"I am very enthusiastic about the VIP locks," says Alarms Unlimited of Sacramento owner Dave Bernard. "The locks work great and feedback from the end users has also been very positive. They like the ability to manage the locks from one location. Changes to the system now happen immediately."