SuperCom Completes Installation of Dynagate Access Control Systems

NEW YORK and RA'ANANA, Israel -- SuperCom Ltd., a leading provider of smart card and electronic identification (e-ID) solutions, announced that it has deployed the DynaGate portable, wireless access control solution for two new commercial U.S. customers: a shipping terminal located in the U.S. and a major U.S. based construction company with worldwide presence.

"These sales, together with the DynaGate sale that we closed with a Western army earlier in 2004, illustrate the new awareness of the need for sophisticated security systems that has emerged in the post 9/11 reality," said Mr. Avi Schechter, CEO of SuperCom. "As such, we are benefiting from increasing demand for e-ID, portable wireless solutions for Homeland Security and Commercial Access/Security markets. Our flexible, robust and proven solutions are proving ideal for a broad range of environments, helping us satisfy the requirements of demanding and technologically-advanced customers such as these."

DynaGate is a sophisticated end-to-end security and authentication solution designed for dynamic and/or outdoor environments such as military bases, international airports, seaports, train and bus terminals, stadiums and arenas. Using proprietary software and hardware components, DynaGate is a quick-to-deploy, modular solution used to collect biometric data from employees, visitors, and vendors, produce high-quality contactless smart cards, grant or deny access based on the security profile of the smartcard user, and log/analyze all access requests. The system's robust performance and flexible access control features make it an ideal system for the full range of e-ID applications.