Civitas Group Releases Assessment on Sensors in Homeland Security Market

WASHINGTON -- Civitas Group llc has today released a new market assessment of homeland security sensors.

The report titled "Sensors and Homeland Security: A Market Assessment" outlines the current state of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) sensor technology as it pertains to homeland security and counter-terrorism, and the role of the private sector in advancing these technologies.

Section I of the report discusses the context of the CBRNE-related threat and the historical role of sensors in combating that threat.

Section II provides a general overview of the role sensors play in homeland security and the key factors that determine the nature of the system architecture for development.

Section III applies Civitas's "generational framework" framework to illustrate the current state of innovation and product development for CBRNE sensors, in a way that can inform strategic market investors.

Section IV assesses the potential size of the homeland security segment of the sensor market, based on an assessment of the threat, national requirements in response to this threat, and a rough-size estimate of the costs of the various elements of a national sensor system.