VASCO to Introduce Secure Smart Card Readers

VASCO Data Security International, a global vendor of strong user authentication products to the financial sector, has announced that it will show its extended secure smart card reader family at CeBIT 2005 for the first time since its recent acquisition of smart card reader specialist AOS-Hagenuk. Products in the spotlight are VASCO's Digipass 800 and Digipass 850 and ex-AOS Hagenuk product Digipass 820, formerly known as PocketID 20.

In the near future, VASCO plans to strengthen its position in the financial market and to position its Digipass secure reader product family in the e-commerce and e-government sectors.

Digipass 800 is a multifunctional unconnected secure smart card reader that extends strong authentication and digital signature capabilities to all market-leading smart cards, including EMV-CAP (Europay-Mastercard-Visa Chip Authentication Program). Digipass 820 is a user friendly, elegantly designed and multi-character set unconnected secure smart card reader. As Digipass 800, Digipass 820 is EMV-CAP approved. It supports Chinese, Japanese and Arabic symbols.

Digipass 850 is a connected secure smart card reader that can also be used in an unconnected mode. Connected with a USB cable to a PC, Digipass 850 can be used in a PKI environment. Unconnected, Digipass 850 has the same functionalities as Digipass 800.

"The smart-card market is of strategic importance to VASCO," said Jan Valcke, VASCO's President and COO. "The extended reader family shown at CeBIT is only a first step. Strengthened with AOS-Hagenuk's products, people and R&D know-how, VASCO will build an even stronger presence in the financial world, and tackle aggressively the e-commerce and e-government markets."