Fujitsu Fingerprint Sensors Selected by ODI for Embedded Matching Modules

ODI systems using Fujitsu technology would be used at security gates, other secure access points

SUNNYVALE, Calif. and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., March 7 /CNW/ -- ODI, a leading developer of cost-effective, highly integrated embedded systems, has selected the Fujitsu fingerprint sensors for its compact, embedded fingerprint-matching modules. ODI has developed embedded modules using both the Fujitsu MBF200 capacitive touch sensor and the patented Fujitsu MBF310 capacitive Sweep Sensor(tm). The new ODI modules provide OEMs and system integrators with complete, easily integrated solutions, enabling them to add the security and convenience of fingerprint biometrics to a broad range of embedded security and controlled access applications.

The patent-pending ODI fingerprint-matching modules are designed, built and tested using the latest fingerprint processing and memory technologies for secure access control including truck and car access, garage doors and security gates, and residential and business alarm systems. The matching modules can be used to increase security for home and hotel room safes, medical cabinets, safe deposit boxes, storage lockers and many other commercial and personal uses.

The Fujitsu MBF200 is a single-touch fingerprint sensor with an image area of 0.5" x 0.6" that produces a clear 500-dpi, 8-bit greyscale image. The Fujitsu MBF310 Sweep Sensor also provides a clear 500-dpi, 8-bit greyscale image, but is smaller in size, reducing system cost. All of the Fujitsu fingerprint sensors provide low power consumption, making them ideal for battery-operated applications such as key fobs, home door locks and other standalone applications.

The ODI embedded modules incorporate an ARM7 processor, fast SRAM and flash memory with storage for up to 25 users, all in a compact 1.4-inch by 1.5-inch integrated package. All biometric processing and matching firmware resides in the module, resulting in match times of one to two seconds. Power requirements are typically 70 milliamps, enabling the system to operate on two AA batteries for up to a year under typical home-use conditions.

"The ODI fingerprint modules deliver a complete solution for OEMs and system integrators to quickly incorporate biometric security, without building their own systems. ODI provides a solid product that meets the cost, power and usability requirements of today's biometric applications. ODI chose the Fujitsu fingerprint sensors because of their reliability, image quality and low power," said Mike Chaudoin, senior manager for FMA's Biometric Solutions Group. "The ODI modules deliver excellent price/performance for today's rapid growth in commercial and personal markets for self-contained biometric solutions," he added.

"The ODI fingerprint modules are designed specifically to reduce OEM development time and technical support requirements, and to ensure faster deployment," said Rich Slevin, president of ODI. "By working closely with Fujitsu Microelectronics to provide turnkey services, we have created a cost-effective, compact solution for a wide variety of applications and systems that require embedded security."

The ODI modules provide a complete user interface with on-board LEDs to prompt users for enrollment and verification. The modules can operate stand-alone or networked for centralized template management via serial communications. Additionally, the modules contain pre-configured I/Os to control a solenoid, stepper motor or other devices. Other capabilities include encrypted communications for trusted access, remote on-switch, two additional GPIOs and other features controlled by the ODI developer kit.

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