Biometrics Direct iGuard Product to Be Featured on "24"

The iGuard Internet based fingerprint biometric security appliance distributed by Biometrics Direct will be featured in episode 14 of Fox's "24" program on March 21, 2005, and will again be featured throughout the rest of the season as a security device onscreen in the CTU and the presidential bunker.

Biometrics Direct is a global leader in the manufacture, distribution and sale of biometric security technology products.

The iGuard security appliance is a field-proven biometric (fingerprint verification), and/or contactless Mifare smart card access control and time attendance network appliance for business.

Utilizing fingerprint authentication, with the option of advanced contact-less smart card technology the iGuard system provides unparalleled security, performance and reliability.

Biometrics Direct distributes the iGuard security appliance product developed and manufactured by Lucky Technology, Ltd.

"Fingerprint recognition technology is among the most widely used forms of biometric authentication... including use by the US Government Visa program and other high security applications. The iGuard is a perfect fit for this type of deployment." states James Childers, owner of Biometrics Direct.

One of the largest sources of fraud in this country is that of employees faking hours worked on their time card. Techniques such as "buddy punching" cost businesses millions of dollars in lost productivity and outright fraudulent and unnecessary expense.