STOPware Visitor Management System to Be Used in FriendlyWay Kiosks

What do you get when you combine the industry-leading PassagePoint lobby and visitor management system from STOPware Inc. with friendlyway, Inc.'s Interactive Information Stations (IIS)? An integrated and highly advanced visitor management solution that offers elegant design and state of the art technology that redefines the standard for visitor management systems.

"Passage Point and our IIS products naturally complement one another," said Alexander von Welczeck, President and CEO of friendlyway, Inc. "A virtual concierge-receptionist, our integrated visitor management system automates the process of logging and announcing visitors along with the dispensing of visitor badges. We believe the system has widespread applications across many industries, especially when integrated in an inviting interactive kiosk."

Friendlyway is a complete kiosk solutions provider, offering kiosk booth systems and software as well as custom designs, digital signage and multimedia content. The kiosks are deployed in several industries, including retail, banking, museums, healthcare facilities, tradeshows, entertainment and hospitality. Because STOPware serves many of these same markets, it was logical for the two companies to work together, according to Mr. Welczeck. STOPware required an enclosure for the PassagePoint self-serve configurations used in unattended lobbies, and friendlyway had the solution. "We are always looking for industry leaders to partner with and STOPware is well known and respected in the security software industry," said Welczeck.

The PassagePoint visitor management system combines the requirements of security, badging and visitor management in a comprehensive software package and can be used with a computer at a receptionist's station or in the free-standing kiosk. Consisting of a touch-screen monitor, rugged keyboard, printer and various optional devices, the kiosk package is housed in a sleek, scratch-proof enclosure and can be installed in virtually any environment. In an unattended lobby or access controlled entrance, the PassagePoint kiosk enables visitors to scan their identification, enter the appropriate data and print a badge. The system notifies the host via e-mail of the visitor's arrival, and records all data in an easy to use format. It's convenient, it's fast and it provides security management with an increased level of efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Although Friendlyway is not part of STOPware's regular distribution channel, Welczeck notes the team effort between the two companies is gaining momentum. "Our cooperation began by exchanging sales leads and including each other's products in quotes wherever called for. This has been very successful and we are planning to increase referral activity in the near future." According to Welczeck, Friendlyway's stable of high profile clients are likely users of visitor management software and STOPware's market segment has potential for friendlyway.