Kaba Benzing Forms Strategic Partnership with Synergistics

Miramar, Fla. -- Kaba Benzing America, the North American operating subsidiary of $900 million Kaba Holding AG and a developer of enterprise workforce management systems, has formed a strategic alliance with Synergistics Inc., a developer of scalable web-based access control systems. Kaba Benzing provides application solutions for time and attendance, labor distribution, and material movement tracking for exempt and non-exempt personnel. These systems capture and process direct and indirect labor and calculate employee payroll in environments ranging from simple to complex. As a result of this alliance, customers will be able to integrate these applications with Synergistics' access control, ID badging and asset tracking solutions.

"Leading companies have a growing awareness of the need for the convergence of physical security with information technology, and that holds true in particular for time and attendance and access control applications," emphasizes John Edwards, president and general manager of Kaba Benzing. "Via our partnership with Synergistics, we expect to fulfill the escalating customer need for increased integration and communication between critical enterprise applications."

According to Edwards, companies are seeking to integrate all of their security and facility systems under one control system that communicates both upstream and downstream. Therefore, today's integrators are extremely concerned with combining the best in enterprise system solutions. For instance, many companies are realizing that access control systems should be integrated with personnel/human resources/time and attendance systems to assure only present employees gain access to the facility, track and control the whereabouts of employees within the facility, verify that only authorized individuals are accessing specific workstations and tools, and collect accurate labor costing information in real time.

"Our customers will be the ultimate beneficiaries of this relationship, because we will be able to offer them a premium solution for workforce management and access control," said Greg Goldman, chief executive officer of Synergistics. "We are excited to be working with Kaba Benzing to integrate physical access control and time and attendance reporting and bring it to the next level."