New Card Printer/Encoders from Fargo Electronics

Next-generation technology launched in Direct-to-Card platform

Fargo Electronics, Inc., a global leader in secure technologies for card identity systems, today announced the introduction of the DTC300 and DTC400 Card Printer/Encoders. The DTC300 and DTC400 are based on Fargo's proven Direct-to-Card (DTC) technology.

"These printer/encoders signal a breakthrough in making card identity systems both secure and easy to use," said Kathleen Phillips, Fargo's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "The market is expanding to include organizations that haven't previously used a card identity program or are ready to step up to a more advanced program. These new systems offer sophisticated security that's affordable and simple to use."

New user conveniences The DTC300 and DTC400's next-generation technology features user conveniences that make card production simple. Fargo's SmartLoad Ribbon Cartridge is a pre-loaded, disposable cartridge with a one-way installation that eliminates improperly loaded ribbons. Users simply slide the cartridge in and close the front panel. This unique feature eliminates fumbling with ribbon spools and tearing ribbons.

Also integrated into the Ribbon Cartridge is Fargo's patent-pending SmartClean roller, which automatically removes potentially damaging dust and debris from each card before it's printed. With each ribbon change, a new cleaning roller is installed, ensuring clean cards for the life of the printer. Clean cards result in better quality prints and also help protect the print head, a critical component of ID card printers.

"The all-in-one ribbon and cleaning cartridge is a significant step forward in user convenience," continued Phillips. "Anyone who's operated a card printer before knows the challenges users face: the ribbons can be difficult to load and the separate card cleaning mechanisms are often changed infrequently or not at all. This new design eliminates both those problems and can save time and money."

Fargo's SmartScreen LCD Control Panel adds additional user convenience. This two-line display replaces confusing indicator lights with easy-to-understand prompts and commands, providing the user constant updates on the status of print jobs.

A number of options will soon be available with the DTC300 and DTC400. Magnetic stripe encoding and an E-card docking station will be available on both models as either factory-installed or field-upgradeable options. With these options, users can encode magnetic stripes, and encode or read up to three types of smart card technology: ISO 7816 contact smart chips (the world's most commonly used contact smart card standard); MIFARE and iCLASS contactless smart chips; and HID proximity ( prox") cards (read-only).

Also available soon as a factory-installed option on the DTC300 or a factory- or field-installed option on the DTC400 is dual-sided printing for greater flexibility in card design.

The DTC300 The DTC300 was designed for small corporations, parks and recreation facilities, health clubs, ski resorts and general loyalty applications. It comes complete with user-friendly photo ID software and a standard two-year warranty. It carries a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $2,295.

The DTC400 The DTC400 offers Fargo's new Print Security Suite as an additional upgradeable feature. This user-friendly software provides up to five powerful applications to help control the issuance and help ensure the authenticity of ID cards. Fargo SecureMark technology powers the suite, creating a new, higher level of security among the printer/encoder, software and materials.

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