Veridicom Announces New Portable, Authentication DeviceVeridicom Announces New Portable, Authentication Device

Biometrics 2004 Exhibition and Conference SEATTLE -- Veridicom International Inc (OTCBB:VRDI) is pleased to announced that "VKI", its new multi-factor authentication key which addresses today's need to authenticate individuals in both the enterprise and physical worlds, will be launched at the Biometrics 2004 conference and trade show in London, England this week. "VKI is unique in the marketplace as it is a single key that acts not only as a secure storage device that biometrically locks down sensitive data, but it also acts as a uniquely identifiable fingerprint sensor that can biometrically authenticates individuals to multiple compatible networks including existing RFID access systems," stated Paul Mann, President & CEO of Veridicom International.

"VKI combines strong authentication, application software, local, remote, physical and electronic access capabilities. Not only does it operate as a trusted fingerprint sensor, enabling communication with Cavio (the Veridicom PKI Identity Server) and other compatible server based systems, but 'VKI' also provides multifactor authentication via password, fingerprint, embedded hardware identification from within the device and optional RFID integration for integration into existing physical access security systems," added Mr. Mann.

VKI is available with storage capacity ranging from 256MB to 1GB, allowing on board storage sensitive/personal data as well as the latest PC/network logon applications, file encryption, and digital signatures capabilities for MS Office applications such as Outlook and MS Word. Initial connectivity options include USB via USB 2.0 and 1.1, as well as RFID. The intuitive user interface provides administrative capabilities, including user enrollment and editing, and allows partitioning between public and private areas on the device.

"Our acknowledged industry leading FPS200 silicon capacitive fingerprint sensor is embedded onto the device providing strong authentication for accessing PC's, corporate networks, and encrypted files. We deliberately integrated our area sensor onto the device to provide accurate fingerprint capture and matching, thereby avoiding common accuracy and usability issues associated with alternative technologies," added Mr. Mann.

Veridicom will be demonstrating the new VKI device at the Biometrics 2004 Exhibition and Conference October 14-15, 2004 at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre in London, UK. Veridicom is accepting advance orders for delivery in November.