Synergistics Announces Citadel Entry Level Access Control System

Synergistics Inc., an innovator in providing complete access control systems through the use of advanced cardholder technology, has announced the release of Citadel, a PC-based, multi-building, entry level access control system. The system supports over 4,000 cardholders and provides over 190 input monitoring points and 32 card readers per site.

Citadel supports multiple dial-up or networking sites with instantaneous reporting of alarms to its host computer, where all of the access control requirements are defined. Citadel is built upon the popular Building Watch system platform and supports card and fingerprint biometric technologies. Citadel, like all Synergistics products, has a simple user interface that allows for easy-to-understand navigation, intuitive icons and rapid setup. Other standard features of Citadel include: automatic instant alarm reporting, anti-passback capability, user-defined card format, report generation, and a photo badge option.

Citadel controllers are programmed to store all of the users' access requirements and recorded transactions, allowing the system to remain fully functional in the case of computer failure. The system also provides an optional 12V 4Ah backup battery that allows Citadel controllers to continue operating in the event of a power outage.

About Synergistics
Incorporated in 1960, Synergistics, Inc., is a leading innovator and provider of complete access control systems through the use of advanced cardholder technology. Servicing industries and organizations that require varying levels of restricted entry, Synergistics is large enough to meet all access control needs, but flexible enough to offer customized solutions and service. For more information about Synergistics' complete line of access control systems: contact Synergistics, Inc. Nine Tech Circle, Natick, MA 01760; call 508-655-1340; visit