World Am Announces Availability of Anti-Tailgating System

WESTMINSTER, Colo. -- World Am, Inc., whose wholly owned subsidiary, Isotec, Inc., conceives, develops and markets state-of-the-art security systems, announced today that the ATG-200 anti-tailgating system is available for sale.

Isotec's ATG-200 (patent pending) Anti-Tailgating System is a stand-alone monitoring system that controls access through a protected doorway by either preventing multiple individuals passing through that door without individual authorization or by issuing a tailgating event alarm according to the security protocol programmed into the system. In the event of a tailgating event, security personnel can follow established procedures to follow up on the possible unauthorized entry.

The ATG-200 works with any Card, PIN or Biometric access control device, and connects directly to the user's existing door lock, lock sensor and door status sensor to monitor and control access through that door. Also provided is a pair of jamb mounted three-color status displays to direct personnel through the passage process.

The ATG-200 system works by enclosing the single entrant in a "video wall" during the entry sequence. Any other individual either passing through that wall (i.e., tailgating) or attempting to depart while the first individual is entering, is detected and an alarm output is generated. Protection is also provided to prevent someone entering while another individual is exiting the secured door from the inside.

James Alexander, World Am CEO stated: "Isotec is introducing the ATG-200 to potential government end users, as well as commercial dealers and system integrators. The ATG-200 is available for sale now and can be shipped within four to six weeks after ordering."