New API Available from S2 for Linking S2 NetBox

WELLESLEY, Mass. -- S2 Security Corporation (S2) announced the availability of a Web services-based Application Program Interface (API) for its S2 NetBox line of integrated security management network appliances. The API enables an enterprise IT system to issue and revoke access credentials for areas controlled by an S2 NetBox.

The first installation of the new API is at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut. Using S2's new API, the Foxwoods IT department linked an S2 NetBox to its enterprise IT system that accesses customer information to assign certain access privileges to its guests. "This API makes it possible for us to use data in our IT systems to deliver better services to our guests," noted Allen House, Senior Application Architect for Foxwoods.

S2's proprietary authentication methodology, already in use in its networked devices, is also used to protect communication between the IT system and the security system through the API. In addition, S2's high-level API protects software developers from product changes that often become obsolete due to subsequent software revisions, a problem common to lower-level database integration methods.

According to a January 2005 report by Forrester Research, Trends 2005: Security Convergence Gets Real: "Growing numbers of organizations are recognizing the natural economies of scale and operational efficiencies available when physical security teams work with similar, complementary IT security groups." The report continued: "By assessing authentication and authorization processes and controls across IT and physical facilities, organizations will find many opportunities for improved efficiencies and security."

"The Foxwoods application is a good example of a converged system between IT and physical security," noted John L. Moss, CEO of S2 Security Corporation. "With this new API and the S2 NetBox architecture, enterprise developers can cost-effectively integrate physical access control across enterprise applications and across networks of any size."

The API for the S2 NetBox is available immediately as an option for users of Version 1.2 or higher of S2 NetBox software through S2's network of systems integrators and OEMs. A list of SIs/OEMs is available from S2 Security.