Oki Electricb Develops High-speed Iris Recognition Camera

Tokyo, Japan --Oki Electric Industry announced on September 6 the launch of the IRISPASSR-M, a next-generation iris recognition camera with a fully automated dual iris capture capability and significantly reduced recognition time.

Demand for biometric technologies at airports and business offices has been increasing continuously as the threat of terrorism and concerns over identify thefts continue to grow. The new Oki biometric solution answers such needs because of its fast recognition speed and intuitive user interface.

The IRISPASSR-M halves recognition time while inheriting the predecessor's fully automated iris position detection and photo capture functions. It also features improved user interfaces including re-designed visual indicators and fully programmable voice guidance commands, enabling multi-language applications.

Oki will begin to ship the product on December 1, aiming to sell 10,000 units in Europe, North America and Japan in three years.

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