Guardian Solutions ThreatDETECTOR Converts Analog Cameras to Intelligent Surveillance

Guardian Solutions announced ThreatDETECTOR, a small processor appliance that converts a traditional analog video camera into an automated intelligent video surveillance camera. ThreatDETECTOR is packaged for indoor and outdoor use and has an optional web interface.

ThreatDETECTOR's advanced intelligent video processing algorithms go beyond traditional motion detection by learning the environmental background movement within a scene and then differentiating abnormal activity as targets. When a target violates a pre-defined security rule, the ThreatDETECTOR alarms a central command station and concurrently displays all intruders' movements on a site monitor. The ThreatDETECTOR controls off-the-shelf sensors such as video and thermal-IR cameras.

Port to Low-Cost Intel Processors Establishes New Performance/Price Ratio
Offering dramatic cost savings in both product cost and installation, the ThreatDETECTOR is based upon Guardian's successful GuardianWATCH enterprise automated surveillance system used in seaports, military installations and other facilities.

"By porting the core of GuardianWATCH to lower cost, lower power Intel processors, cost barriers are shattered," states James Riggs, the ThreatDETECTOR engineering manager. "These smaller processors simplify installation, eliminate the need for computer expertise and reduce maintenance to simple device swapping."

Until the release of the ThreatDETECTOR, automated intelligent surveillance systems have required the installation of high-end Pentium 4 PCs at a minimum. The typical cost has been $2,500 to $5,000 per video channel. The ThreatDETECTOR represents a savings of at least $1,500 to $4,000 per video channel and more for wireless applications.