IBM Releases Powerful Express Server and Security Offerings to Mid-Sized Business Clients

IBM announced the industry's first high-performance Express UNIX servers and a new security solution for mid-sized business clients

IBM announced the industry's first high-performance Express UNIX servers and a new security solution for mid-sized business clients. These Express servers, based on the IBM POWER5 microprocessor, introduce mainframe-inspired technology and performance to clients at prices and configurations that fit the budgets of even the smallest mid-size firms.

With starting hardware prices of $3,993 and $7,050 respectively, the IBM eServer p5-520 and p5-550 Express models are among the most cost-effective in the industry. These latest additions to the IBM Express Portfolio of servers deliver leadership floating point performance compared to the AMD Opteron processor-based Sun V40z, the Itanium 2 processor-based HP rx4640 and the PA-RISC based HPrp3440.(1) A 2-way IBM eServer p5 520 (1.65 GHz) achieved the best 2-way two-tier SAP SD Standard Application Benchmark result as of October 5, 2004.(2) Clients who want higher performance can opt for a p5-550 system running at 1.5 GHz, or purchase a p5-550 system with a 1.65 GHz processor. The p5-550 is the fastest four-way NFS file server in the industry.(3)

Mid-sized clients can further benefit from 36-month leasing options from IBM Global Finance that start as low as $99 per month on selected servers. Also, new financing enhancements for Express offerings can allow contract approval in as little as one hour.

IBM eServer Express POWER processor-based systems, which include a recently announced line of iSeries Express servers, leverage the industry standard Power Architecture, designed to provide an outstanding combination of performance and scalability on both entry and midrange UNIX platforms, further demonstrating IBM commitment to provide mid-sized clients the price and performance advantages they need to reduce costs and increase competitiveness while growing their businesses. The new servers and an IBM eServer POWER-based solution offering are part of IBM's rapidly expanding portfolio of nearly 70 On Demand Express servers, storage, software solutions, representing the industry's most comprehensive set of solutions intended to meet the specific needs of mid-sized clients. IBM Express solution offerings are powered by IBM systems with IBM TotalStorage, running IBM middleware and ISV applications, and backed by the largest network of IBM Business Partners, IBM Global Financing and Global Services.

According to market research, finding ways to integrate multiple operating environments -- to ease current management burdens and position companies for future growth, without compromising technology performance -- is a leading priority for mid-sized companies. In an effort to increase their competitiveness, clients are demanding solutions that allow them to respond more effectively to the market while remaining focused on their core businesses, key characteristics of an on demand business.

``We are providing mid-market customers something they have never had before -- power and flexibility at their fingertips that allow them to grow their businesses without significantly taxing their smaller IT staffs and budgets,'' said Karl Freund, vice president of Product Marketing, IBM Systems and Technology Group. ``The introduction of these Express systems provides further example of the performance and affordability possible with POWER5 technology.''

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