Ricoh Develops CD-R Featuring Enhanced Data Security

TOKYO -- Ricoh Co. has developed a CD-R, or rewritable compact disc, capable of enhancing data security by using two encryption software packages.

One of the packages is built into the CD-R, while the other is equipped in a USB memory to be plugged into a personal computer. Both software have been developed jointly with Focus Systems Corp.

Data inside the newly developed CD-R can only be decoded by a limited number of persons possessing the "secret key." Also, the disc cannot be copied. No one can read the data unless he or she has both the disc and the USB memory, according to Ricoh sources.

The new device is useful in exchanging classified data among affiliated companies or business partners, the sources said.

A set of the CD-R and USB memory is expected to sell for 1,000-5,000 yen. Ricoh plans to start selling it by the end of the current fiscal year, targeting annual sales of 2 billion yen.