BroadWare and ENSCO Partner for Integrated Network Video

CUPERTINO, CA -- BroadWare Technologies, Inc. and ENSCO, Inc. announced a partnership to cooperate in product integration and joint marketing.

Under the agreement, ENSCO will integrate BroadWare Media Server(TM) technology, for management and distribution of video surveillance data in network environments, into its SENTRY(TM) chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) Early Warning and Decision Support System.

The jointly integrated products offer a comprehensive multi-sensor surveillance system in which live video from BroadWare's platform supports CBRN analysis, automated alerting and decision support capabilities provided by SENTRY.

"This is a natural partnership leveraging the core strengths of our network video technology and ENSCO's innovative multi-sensor integration technology," said Bill Stuntz, CEO of BroadWare Technologies, Inc. "This agreement helps systems integrators more easily roll out the comprehensive and integrated security solutions that their customers demand."

SENTRY, currently in operation at several U.S. Government facilities, automates alarms from CBRN sensors and provides the user with rapid interpretation of an incident through an understandable interface. In the event of an alarm, SENTRY executes dispersion and predictive source-term models, based on current local meteorological conditions, and provides decision support and response mechanisms that are consistent with site policy.

These mechanisms include sounding alarms and notifications, communicating evacuation plans, locking down the facility, and initiating collective protection strategies to minimize the time between sensor detection and response. Together with local and remote access to real-time video, from any network camera, the user has a multifunctional tool to assess situations and respond correctly in order to save lives.

"SENTRY communicates directly with CBRN sensors to provide the user with real-time analysis of conditions in an easy to use interface," said Steve Streetman, SENTRY project manager for ENSCO. "The addition of BroadWare's network video technology for visual inspection provides an additional layer of intelligence, and provides users with a higher level of situational awareness."

BroadWare and ENSCO are currently working on several joint projects for undisclosed customers. The two companies are cooperating in marketing the integrated solution to systems integrators serving the homeland defense, military and industrial markets.