Vegas Casino Finds Itself Taxed with Risk Management after Guest Falls

A Brewster, Mass., man has filed a lawsuit charging that a staff member Harrah's Rio Casino in Las Vegas at Harrah's removed his chair, and when the man went to sit, he fell backwards into a gambling table and injured himself severely, according to a report on Oct. 5 in The Boston Herald.

The man, Timothy Calkins, has sued the casino after suffering from what The Boston Herald described as "brain damage, including short-term memory loss and difficulty concentrating," as well as "headaches, back problems and constant neck pain."

The casino did not comment on the lawsuit, but according to the lawsuit, after repeated attempts to obtain the casino's CCTV security footage, the risk manager for the casino "finally admitted reluctantly, and contrary to his prior assertions, that he had seen the tape of Mr. Calkins' fall and that an employee had, in fact, moved the chair just before his fall," reported The Boston Herald.