Bioscrypt Unveils Identity Manager Offering

Bioscrypt Inc. has unveiled its extended capability for user authentication with the new Bioscrypt Identity Management solution and has introduced an expanded 1 to 500 search capability for Bioscrypt's V-Pass and MV1200 offerings. The offerings were demonstrated at the company's booth at ASIS International's 2004 Conference

This solution was developed to address the complex task of administering digital identities and providing a range of strong authentication processes. Bioscrypt's Biometric Identity Management solution acts as a "gateway" to data and information by which anyone that requests access must be authenticated against policies that were assigned by a System Administrator. Therefore, the solution serves as a central hub for user logical access control throughout the enterprise. This logical access control is, of course, an extension to the existing physical access control capabilities of Bioscrypt's solutions.

Also on view for the first time was a new 1 to 500 search capability for Bioscrypt's V-Pass and MV1200 offerings, providing increased scalability for applications that require finger-only user identification. Powered by the latest version of Bioscrypt Core, the industry-leading fingerprint algorithm, organizations are assured of maximum accuracy and reliability. With approximately 96 percent of companies in the United States employing less than 500 workers, this new capability will give those organizations the option to eliminate cards and easily forgotten PINs, and instead replace them with a fingerprint-only system for secure access to facilities, assets and information.

Commenting on Bioscrypt's Biometric Identity Manager, Julia Webb, vice president of sales and marketing said that, "Global organizations have been asking Bioscrypt for a flexible, interoperable and robust biometric solution for all their authentication needs. With a number of our current Veri-Series and MV1200 customers looking to expand the role of biometrics within their enterprise it was clear that Bioscrypt needed to provide a solution that consolidated biometric user verification with the many disparate authentication solutions within an organization. We have met this requirement with a tool that not only gives organizations a way to efficiently and cost effectively apply policies and assign rights to devices, applications and information, but also continues our mission to provide solutions that are standards based, interoperable between different fingerprint capture devices and flexible enough to be deployed on varying database platforms."