USAF Selects Secure Messaging Solution from Xacta

Xacta Corporation announced that the U.S. Air Force has awarded the company a $6.8 million contract to deploy its Automated Message Handling System (AMHS) to all U.S. Air Force Major Command (MAJCOM) headquarters across the continental U.S., Europe (USAFE), and Asia (PACAF). The Air Force is replacing its traditional Defense Messaging System with AMHS, Xacta's real-time, Web-based, secure enterprise messaging solution.

Xacta is the leading provider of government-validated, secure enterprise solutions. Telos Corporation, Xacta's parent company and a leading systems integrator to the federal government, will deliver the solution.

The Air Force's decision to regionalize its messaging services will offer users a more robust infrastructure and easier recovery in case of server failures in the network. Access to Web-based, real-time messaging will provide a venue for short notice deployment by allowing moving forces to reach back to their normal messaging hub to continue receiving and sending information traffic as usual.

In addition, rather than hosting resources on individual devices, Xacta's AMHS solution will provide a searchable archive of messages contained in a central repository at MAJCOM headquarters where experienced administrators can provide support, requiring less administration at organizational levels. Following installation and training, Xacta will provide continuing technical support to ensure that the systems meet the Air Force's operational demands.

Xacta's AMHS solution immediately routes incoming messages to the right desktop and creates an archive of all arriving traffic for future reference. AMHS also provides intuitive tools for searching and retrieving messages from the archive while protecting against unauthorized access. Developed to work with any messaging source, AMHS routes messages by content, which ensures that users get all the messages relevant to the users' activities, and none that are not. AMHS provides an easy way to create, coordinate, and release outgoing messages. Users can quickly search millions of messages in their organization?s message databases, including attachments, to support changing message requirements.

"AMHS is specifically designed to meet the messaging demands of organizations like the Air Force - providing them with precise control over the large volume of information they must handle on a daily basis," said Frank Whitehead, Xacta's program director for enterprise messaging solutions. "Xacta creates and supports secure solutions for some of the most security-conscious organizations, including numerous defense agencies."

Under the terms of the contract, Xacta will provide its AMHS solution for regional nodes deployed across the Air Force to the following 10 MAJCOMs:

- Air Combat Command (ACC) Headquarters - Langley Air Force Base, Virginia
- Air Education and Training Command (AETC) Headquarters - Randolph Air Force Base, Texas
- Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) Headquarters - Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado
- Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) Headquarters - Hulbert Field Air Force Base, Florida
- Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) - Warner-Robbins Air Force Base, Georgia
- Air Mobility Command (AMC) Headquarters - Scott Air Force Base, Illinois
- Air Force Materiel Command (AMFC) Headquarters - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio
- Air National Guard (ANG) Bureau Headquarters - Washington, D.C.
- Pacific Air Force Base (PACAF) Headquarters - Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii
- U.S. Air Force in Europe (USAFE) Headquarters - Ramstein Air Force Base, Germany

The first order of work will begin at Air Mobility Command (AMC) Headquarters in Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, followed by the nine remaining installations. For more information, visit