CompuDyne Announces $4.7M Contract for Security Integration Effort

CompuDyne Corp., an industry leader in sophisticated security products, integration and technology for the public security markets, today announced a $4.7 million award for a major security integration project for the U.S. Military.

The Federal Security Systems segment of CompuDyne received a $4.7 million award to provide a large-scale security systems integration project for the U.S. Military at an undisclosed location. The contract effort will involve the consolidation of the operation, management, monitoring, and emergency dispatch functions for:

-- 911 Emergency Services (Fire, Rescue, and Police)
-- Records Management Systems
-- Radio Frequency Communications
-- Intrusion Detection Systems
-- Access Control Systems
-- Video Surveillance Systems
-- User Specific Systems

This contract effort will centralize and integrate these multiple services for a large number of different facilities (using disparate, previously installed systems) at a variety of geographical locations. With redundant back-ups, this contract effort will maximize the utility and efficiency of all security/fire/rescue resources, particularly manpower, and also create a quality-assured security/fire/rescue environment wherein centralized watch commanders will be able to ascertain, at any moment in time, the operating status of each individual facility's electronic systems, all first responder resources, and the emergency communications network.

The installation incorporates software from CompuDyne's Public Safety & Justice group.

The Federal Security Systems segment, under the Quanta Systems business name, has developed a strong reputation in recent years as a premier supplier of large scale, government standard, security integration systems.