Avicon's epcExpress Provides Software Framework for RFID Compliance

WALTHAM, Mass -- Avicon, architects of the new supply chain, today announced epcExpress, an out-of-the-box comprehensive software framework that supports Department of Defense and Wal-Mart's RFID compliance requirements and scales for full RFID-enablement of the supply chain.

epcExpress is the first software framework that leverages existing distribution and order management systems, providing a faster and more cost effective path to RFID compliance than other available options. Avicon's epcExpress is built to industry standards; it provides a modular, extensible and layered architecture that scales to fully realize RFID's potential across the enterprise.

"As organizations make the move to RFID, they start by meeting the minimum compliance requirements issued by Wal-Mart and the Department of Defense before extending RFID further into their supply chains to reap the business benefits," said Marc Linster, chief technology officer at Avicon. "epcExpress supports all RFID compliance requirements and provides the stepping stones to full RFID enablement for improved service levels and reduced operating costs and inventory levels."

The layered architecture of Avicon's epcExpress provides the flexibility to create, deploy and manage services within the enterprise IT architecture. epcExpress' comprehensive capabilities support all requirements for tagging products within a manufacturing or warehousing facility and shipping products to retailers. Integration with printers, readers and information systems such as warehouse management systems, shipping systems and database are supported.

epcExpress leverages RFTagAware(tm), the leading RFID application-level event management software, provided by ConnecTerra(r), an Avicon partner. epcExpress is available on Windows NT and Linux, and will shortly be available on Sun Solaris. The epcExpress framework is currently used in conjunction with Avicon's RFID consulting services and is priced at $10,000 per supply chain node.