Implant Sciences Corporation Delivers New Explosives Detection Devices

Implant Sciences Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of products for national security, medicine and industry, announced the on-time shipment on September 30, 2004 of three production units of the Quantum Sniffer explosives detection device to a military agency in accordance with the terms of a certain contract awarded to the company in October 2003.

The Quantum Sniffer is the company's trace explosives detection device using the company's patented, proprietary QS Ion Mobility Spectrometry technology, which electronically detects minute quantities of explosive vapor molecules in the air. These units may be used to determine the presence of, or confirm the absence of, common explosives in personal equipment, packages, postal mail and cargo that may be conveyed by persons, vehicles, airplanes, and watercraft.

Dr. Anthony J. Armini, PhD., CEO of Implant Sciences, commented, ``This shipment of production-ready explosives detection equipment represents the culmination of several years of research, development and commercialization of our unique explosives detection technology. We believe the Quantum Sniffer could have a significant impact in effectively detecting trace amounts of explosives on personnel and vehicles. The Quantum Sniffer represents the first of many devices using our QS Ion Mobility Spectrometry technology that could be used as an effective tool in the war on terrorism.''

Dr. Armini further commented, ``Given the sensitive nature of our explosive detection contracts with government and military agencies, we are specifically prohibited from divulging any information to the public without the prior approval of the contracting agent. As the QS units shipping yesterday were evaluated, and subject to the requirements of confidentiality mandated by certain government and military agencies with whom we contract, we will provide further details as to the progress of the evaluations of our explosives detection devices. However, we believe that with this timely delivery of our commercially available QS explosives detection device, we are now in a position to exploit the distribution channels we have already established, and to add to our distribution channels, in order to actively seek orders from governmental agencies, the military sector, and companies in the private sector, both domestically and internationally.''