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Pelco and Barco Partner to Offer Large Video Wall Integration

Pelco, together with Belgium-based Barco Visual Solutions, LLC, introduced the next-generation in visual display technology at the ASIS International Expo in Dallas, Texas. Pelco, a market leader in video security solutions and Barco, a leading-edge visualization systems supplier, are natural partners to deliver advanced visual display capabilities for today's very large security solutions and to address the increased need for situational awareness in security control centers.

Pelco's ASIS booth featured a 9-foot wide by 5-foot high modular display of the Barco MDG50DL flat panel rear-projection matrix.

During the show, Pelco showcased its new products and demonstrated the flexibility of this new technology for use in security operating centers.

The Barco visualization solution is an alternative to the traditional banks of computer and video display monitors currently found in security control room environments, and what makes the integrated display a unique, innovative solution is the capability to blend and control direct inputs from RGB (computer signals), analog video, streaming (IP) video, and any graphical data passed via the network. Each of these sources can be flexibly viewed on the large video wall at any position, and be resized on the spot.

The display solutions also provide better viewing ergonomics to allow collaborative work, better display flexibility, lowered total cost of ownership and provide operators with better overall situational awareness.

Pelco and Barco are pursuing a partnership to bring integrated, flexible large visualization solutions to the security market.