Pelco by Schneider Electric

New SIMD Cameras from Pelco

Pelco has introduced new imaging technology with its CCC5100 Series SIMD (Single-Instruction, Multiple Data) Cameras - the first to be designed and optimized specifically for security applications. With this new multiple-sampling SIMD imager, these cameras provide outstanding color reproduction over a wide range of lighting conditions with higher image quality and significantly better dynamic range than traditional CCD-based cameras.

A major problem with conventional cameras with extreme lighting variances is limited dynamic range - the ability to see both light and dark objects in the same scene. Some environments, such as industrial or warehouse parks, may rely on sunlight during the day and artificial lighting at night, while others, such as bank and airport lobbies, may include a combination of both sunlight and artificial lighting. With the new Pelco 5100 Series, this is no longer a problem as they are designed to produce the highest quality images possible under the most demanding lighting conditions.

Pelco's 5100 Series SIMD imager is unique in that as light strikes the imager, the image is converted directly to a digital signal. The chip's processor then determines the optimum exposure - pixel-by-pixel - essentially acting like more than 350,000 individual cameras. The result is an amazingly natural looking image, with exceptional wide dynamic range and extremely accurate color.

In other words, the technology of Pelco's 5100 SIMD cameras digitizes light at the point of capture - in real time - and each pixel determines its own exposure time on an individual basis, instead of each operating at the exposure time demanded by the average brightness of the entire scene (a situation that can result in bright areas being "blown out" and dark areas being underexposed). This allows these new cameras to achieve unprecedented wide dynamic range with extremely accurate color and amazingly natural looking images, all from a camera that can be fine-tuned to meet virtually any application.