New Evaluation Version of Security Software for MS Windows CE 5.0

REDMOND, Wash. and CAMBRIDGE, England -- ARM and Trusted Logic announced at the third annual Microsoft and ARM Executive Summit, the evaluation version of the Trusted Logic Security Module for Microsoft Windows CE 5.0, which is optimized for ARM TrustZone technology. This new evaluation software means that for the first time, developers of Windows CE 5.0 can use Trusted Logic software to increase electronic transaction security in ARM Powered devices.

The Windows CE 5.0 evaluation version of the Security Module, coupled with the ARM TrustZone technology, will provide consumers with a more secure environment for electronic transactions such as mobile banking, e-commerce and digital rights management. This security can be designed into ARM Powered consumer devices such as mobile phones, payment terminals, and set-top boxes.

"This solution is an excellent example of how the close level of technical collaboration between Microsoft and ARM is resulting in innovative software," said Jonas Hasselberg, Group product manager, Mobile and Embedded Devices Division at Microsoft. "Trusted Logic's Security Module, when used with ARM TrustZone technology will provide improved performance and increased security for devices running Windows CE 5.0."

"Making mobile devices more secure is critical to the success of next- generation mobile applications. In turn, these mobile applications are a vital revenue stream for operators who need to have their investments bear fruit," said Dominique Bolignano, president and CEO, Trusted Logic. "Now that our Security Module will be available to Windows CE developers, they will soon realize some of the benefits of TrustZone technology, which will provide operators and handset OEMs with portable, interoperable and certifiable security."

The Security Module implements the TrustZone APIs to enable smooth evolution and compatibility with future versions of the software running on ARM TrustZone technology-enabled processors. The software is part of a portfolio of embedded security products offered by ARM and developed under a recently announced agreement between Trusted Logic and ARM. The new software will protect against common attacks and frauds such as mobile phone security codes being overwritten, and will provide consumers with a secure environment for mobile banking, e-commerce, and digital rights management in mobile phones, payment terminals and set-top boxes.

"The buzz around the third annual Microsoft and ARM Executive Summit is a testament to the fact that both parties are fully committed to a future working hand-in-glove, which is reflected in the fact that ARM is one of the leading architectures for Windows CE-based devices," said Mary Inglis, director, OS & Alliances, ARM. "Windows CE developers can now use the Security Module implementing the TrustZone APIs to design an environment which can accelerate the growth of m-commerce, while reaping benefits like reduced time- to-market benefits of a consistent cross-platform framework."

Availability The new evaluation version of the TrustZone technology-compatible Security Module will be available in Q4 2004; its commercial release will be in Q1 2005. The Security Module is available for licensing exclusively from ARM now.