New Compliance Solution for Suppliers Facing Pentagon's RFID Deadline

Savi's Proven Experience with DoD and Supply Chain Technology Partners Symbol and Zebra Provides Extra Measure of Assurance for DoD Suppliers

BALTIMORE -- Savi's Proven Experience with DoD and Supply Chain Technology Partners Symbol and Zebra Provides Extra Measure of Assurance for DoD Suppliers

With fewer than 65 working days to meet strict deadlines for their shipments to be tracked automatically by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems, suppliers to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) now have a simple "plug-and-play," rapidly deployable solution to meet the new RFID Policy requirements. Savi Technology, the primary source of RFID solutions to the DoD since 1994, introduced today at the EPC Global U.S. Conference a unique and complete solution easily integrated with existing systems to meet the DoD's basic "tag and ship" requirements for suppliers to use RFID technology by Jan. 1, 2005.

Called "RFID-ACT: Assured Compliance Today," the basic turnkey solution can be installed and operational within several hours. It enables suppliers to use RFID solutions that automatically link information about their outbound shipments to DoD supply chain management systems to better prepare and plan for incoming supplies. The solution is based on Savi's 15-year, real-world experience building the world's largest RFID cargo tracking networks by working with nearly all major Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) technology companies. Through three major procurement contracts with the DoD during the past decade, Savi also has provided a range of AIDC/RFID solutions, including for closed-loop and point-to-point operations, as well as network-wide implementations, such as the In-Transit Visibility (ITV) network that was extended in support of conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, and today tracks an average of 37,000 multi-modal shipments per day over land, ocean and air transport modes. ITV is the world's largest RFID shipment tracking system.

Savi RFID-ACT is designed to help suppliers comply with the initial minimum requirements of DoD's new RFID Policy to have passive (EPC-compliant when available) RFID labels on cases, pallets and item packaging for certain types of supplies by January, specifically:

-- Packaged Operational Rations (Class I)

-- Clothing, Individual Equipment, Tools (Class II)

-- Personal Demand Items (Class VI)

-- Weapon System Repair Parts and Components (Class IX)

Savi's packaged solution leverages partnerships with a number of leading AIDC solution providers, including Symbol Technologies, which is helping to develop the first EPC-compliant labels and readers to track them, as well as Zebra Technologies, a leading manufacturer of bar code printers that also is developing printers for EPC-compliant passive RFID tags.

RFID-ACT comes in three different packaged offerings, which range in terms of price and functionality depending on the scope of the customer's implementation needs. All components, business rules and processes for both passive and active RFID necessary for compliance are built into the unmatched cost-effective solution, which, depending on the solution level, can incorporate all or some of the following:

-- Appropriate passive RFID labels or active RFID tags, encompassing Class 0, Class 0+, Class 1 and UHF Gen 2 labels (when available), as well as Savi's existing active RFID tags, which are required for other specified supplier classes shipping products via containers and air pallets, as well as for large mobile equipment.

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