New Series of Encoders from DVTel

DVTel Inc., Security Industry Association award-winning market leader in delivering integrated IP security solutions for surveillance and monitoring, announced its new SecureLink 8500 Encoder Series, part of the expanding Latitude Network Video Management System (NVMS) family of components.

The SecureLink 8500 Series is an advanced motion detection IP-based video, audio, and data video server encoder. The encoder is more than just a video server-it provides highly programmable motion detection and tracking; bi-directional audio, data, serial communication; and dry contact alarms in and out. It also delivers high quality video streams to the Latitude NVMS Virtual Matrix, resulting in true matrix quality for live monitoring operations.

The SecureLink 8501 Video Motion Detection Encoder offers a distinctive level of performance that enables end users to draw upon the NVMS' powerful software capabilities to significantly improve operator effectiveness in monitoring and responding to potential threats. The 8501 is ideally suited for high threat sites such as airfields, ports, industrial sites, and government facilities that require 24/7 monitoring-regardless of weather conditions. The 8500 Series includes features such as:

  • Vibration Tolerance-eliminates false alarms when vibration is present (not just image stabilization)
  • Ignores background motion from vegetation, e.g., leaves, low grass, etc.
  • PTZ compatible-eliminates false alarms when PTZ is operated
  • Effective in water scenes with Infrared Illumination
  • Directional Motion Alarms-permits motion in one direction and alarms if motion is detected in opposite direction.
  • Compatible with all camera technologies-color, monochrome, and Infrared thermal imaging.
  • Outdoor Operation-day/night and poor weather.
  • Motion Tracking is shown on video by superimposed "brackets" around motion, with up to four bracketed objects per frame.

Why is this new series of encoders considered such a breakthrough? Eli Gorovici, DVTel President and CEO, explains, "This level of performance results in a probability of detection greater than 96% and a 'nuisance' alarm rate of less than two occurrences per day. Such technology helps overcome operator fatigue and greatly increases intelligent and timely responses to potential security threats."

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