TAC Offers Digital Video Recording Capabilities

TAC, a world leader in Open Systems for Building IT, security systems and energy solutions, announces the integration of its I/NET Seven high-performance security solution with Integral Technologies' powerful digital video recording (DVR) technology. The combination of these systems into a single, easy-to-use platform offers users the ability to view live and recorded digital video through their I/NET Seven workstations.

The digital video management (DVM) systems from Integral Technologies accommodate an unlimited number of cameras in multiple locations administered and operated from any I/NET workstation. The system can be configured to record motion and alarm events and continuously record external transactions with the ability to seamlessly add additional sites and cameras.

"The I/NET / DVM interface provides a cost-effective solution for applications requiring integration with a DVR," said Dean Meyer, president of Andover Controls and TAC Americas. "This interface will be a standard feature of I/NET, providing a seamless security system for single facility sites or multi-building campuses."

When an alarm incident or selected event occurs, users can review archived video from any Integral or I/NET client without having to access a separate video management system or use multiple system interfaces, according to Meyer. "In addition, the integration of networked digital video systems with access control provides the opportunity to proactively address unauthorized access. Associating video with an alarm or person adds intelligence and robustness to the surveillance system," said Meyer.

The video is transmitted across a local area network (LAN) connection enabling real-time video to be automatically displayed in response to alarm events while offering the ability to compare live video with previously stored images. Additionally, the operator can request real-time as well as pre- and post event video for an alarm directly from the alarm acknowledgement screen or from any camera. Recorded video can also be viewed while running a historical report; the system will find the video that matches the event time and date and display it on screen.

Key features of the system include multiple user security levels; remote configuration and operation; simultaneous playback of multiple camera inputs; smart search capabilities; ability to export the still or motion images to a variety of formats, such as MPEG, EXE, JPEG or BMP; multi-system viewing; graphic, color-coded presentation of recording history; and unlimited remote clients.

TAC's I/NET Seven provides a flexible, reliable security solution for integrated, interoperable building management, including access-initiated control, powerful reporting, scalable software, CCTV, video badging capabilities and critical alarm monitoring. Integrating security with other building systems such as building automation can provide customers with several efficiency benefits, including a common user interface, and the ability to mine database information and streamline operations.