Emergency Calls Update

Emergency phone systems are picking up on the IP trend, just like what we've seen in terms of early adoption in the CCTV community. At ASIS 2004, Talk A Phone, an established provider of emergency phone stations, annouunced their VoIP interfaces that can accomodate, depending on model, from one to eight emergency phones.

The Talk A Phone system offers compatibility with H.323, SIP and SPP VoIP protocols, and the system is designed with back-up lines in the off chance that a network connection was down.

The company has also presented its VoIP-RF Radio Frequency Interface that transmits up to one mile in line of sight with the supplied antenna, and can easily push further than that with alternate antenna configurations. While this antenna and interface do not work well in areas where buildings, trees and other infrastructure prevent direct communications, the system will be popular with situations where antennas can be mounted a good distance above ground surface and where cabling costs would otherwise make an emergency call station preventative.

For more information about Talk A Phone, visit www.talkaphone.com.