Panasonic's Newest Offerings

Panasonic hit the ASIS show running and is spelling good news for those looking to migrate from analog to digital platforms. Its Digital One initiative is earning a solid rep for its efficiency in doing just this, and is paving the way for seamless transitions for video surveillance, biometrics and data integration to digital systems. Unveiling on the show floor are enhancements to Panasonic's DVR line, new LCD displays which are taking their Digital One initiative a step further, and a digital matrix system is also new to the family.

Digital recording systems are a plenty at the booth; the line includes various hardware and software driven solutions that are giving security professionals efficient configurations for any application. On display is Panasonic's enhanced WJ-HD300 DVR series, PSS300 Hybrid server-based systems and the new WJ-HD220 DVR. The beauty of these digital video recording solutions for installing dealers include high levels of scalability, more recording capacity and modularity and programmable operation for standard, networked and enterprise level system apps. The migration to a digital platform is changing the way images are recorded, archived and distributed.

The WJ-HD220 DVR is providing a transitional replacement for VCRs in applications that need a cost-effective digital recording solution. Its filling this important application niche, especially for small systems operations. Its made for stand-alone operations and is a self-contained system with eight inputs and camera control for networking capabilities.

A new line of camera enclosures and mounts are also showcasing at the Panasonic booth. They offer more versatility to their cameras and dome systems and feature 39 products ranging from outdoor dome enclosures with integrated heater, lower and sunscreen features to mounting brackets for their line of vandal-proof dome cameras. The diversification of the line is aimed to helping installers place cameras in the most important locations and is providing turnkey video security and surveillance solutions.

The new line of LCD displays -- 15, 17, and 19 inch models with audio - - are VESA compatible and suited to any viewing environment. The three new LCS offerings join Panasonic's extensive range of CRT monitors and Plasma displays for professional security applications. They represent Panasonic's commitment to giving the industry a comprehensive line of monitoring solutions from a single supplier. For the full scoop and specs on new Pansonic offerings, visit