NICE Systems Helps Secure Statue of Liberty

NICE Systems, the global provider of advanced solutions that enable organizations to extract insight from interactions to drive performance, today announced that its smart video solutions were chosen to secure the newly reopened Statue of Liberty.

The NICE solution delivers video recording and advanced analytics applications to the United States Park Police in charge of the security of the Statue of Liberty National Monument. With high video quality and resolution, IT-grade video networking and management, and an array of proven video analysis capabilities, NICE helps streamline security operations and protect the vast complex of the Statue of Liberty.

"Currently deployed at a large number of high-profile government facilities, NICE video solutions have become the preferred choice for government officials at both the operative and directive levels. The continuing preference of NICE by this market is a testimony to our quality and reputation,'' says Ian Ehrenberg, vice president and general manager of NICE's digital video security division, US. ``We are honored to be part of this project to protect this national monument and its visitors.''