JVC Introduces Advanced, Full-Function IP Dome Camera

JVC Professional Products Company has introduced its most powerful IP dome camera to date, the VN-C655. The completely digital, IP camera meets all the requirements of a full-function camera and offers the increased control and flexibility that today's network security environments require. The VN-C655 communicates over a 10BaseT or 100BaseT Ethernet IP network and is an ideal camera for today's large-scale, IP-based security systems.

The high-resolution camera features a 1/4-inch high 380,000 effective pixel CCD that offers extremely accurate color reproduction, while a 25x optical zoom lens and a 10x electronic zoom lens give the VN-C655 a total capacity of up to 250x magnification. With endless rotation functionality, the camera has the increased flexibility to very quickly reach and record images in any direction. The VN-C655 can pan 360 degrees per second and tilt 180 degrees per second, and comes with 100 presets to immediately pinpoint a location or object should an alarm be triggered.

"What JVC has created with the VN-C655 is most advanced, full-function IP dome camera on the market," said Steve Martin, assistant vice president Video Imaging Systems Division of JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS. "It's the first security camera to have greater than a 20x zoom lens, 360-degree panning capability, and day/night sensitivity. It's the future of networked, IP security systems."

A critical component of this true day/night camera is its low-light capability. The VN-C655U captures images in light levels as low as .06 lux - ten times more sensitive than typical day/night cameras. An IR cut filter that moves in or out based on the lighting conditions allows the camera to see much better than the human eye.

The VN-C655 features several automatic surveillance modes: Auto-patrol follows the same route that a security guard would walk, and is ideal for periods of inclement weather. Auto-panning moves the camera back and forth and round and round an unlimited number of times, and auto-tour can follow an individual as he/she moves, and can be programmed to remember specific locations. A push of the button pan/tilt/zooms the VN-C655 back to the precise pre-set location.

The camera's privacy mask makes it difficult for would be intruders or vandals to see where the camera is pointed, but the mask function does not detract from the VN-C655's high-quality image capture. Enhanced features such as built-in motion detection, alarm-in/-out functions and multi-casting capabilities give the VN-C655 the advanced functionality to meet today's large-scale, enterprise-level security and surveillance needs.

The VN-C655 is the ideal companion camera to the JVC VR-N100 network video recorder. The VR-N100 can manage and record thousands of IP cameras in an enterprise-level security installation. Digital images produced by the VN-C655 do not degrade, regardless of the size of the facility, even when using wireless connections.

The VN-C655 is currently available. Additional information and high-resolution photos are available on JVC's Web site at http://pro.jvc.com.