Toshiba Debuts New Fault Tolerant DVRs

Toshiba Security & Network Video debuted its new EVR ("Extreme Video Recorder") Series of DVRs boasting one of the the industry's most fault tolerant designs with redundant, field replaceable dual power supplies, maximum air flow dynamics, internal RAID 5 compatibility and field-upgradeable hard drives.

"As the security industry migrates towards digital video surveillance, DVR reliability has become an overriding concern for network administrators," said Sergio Collazo, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Toshiba Security & Network Video. "Our EVR Series recorders put these concerns to rest with their unequaled fault tolerant engineering, advanced feature package and the very latest in networking technologies."

Available in 8, 16, 32 and 64 channel configurations, Toshiba EVR Series DVRs are capable of recording at up to 480 pictures per second (up to 30 PPS per camera) at resolutions as high as 720x480 with up to 16 channels of audio. This capacity to support a large volume of cameras while delivering excellent image quality qualifies EVR recorders for enterprise class organizations, government agencies, multi-site businesses and other high-security recording applications.

Representing the latest evolution in Toshiba's continually growing line of digital and networked systems devices, the EVR Series of DVRs offer a wide range of sophisticated features:

- Internal RAID 5 compatibility for data redundancy and protection

- Dual redundant power supplies that ensure that if one supply fails, the other will provide uninterrupted power

- Up to eight hot swappable HDD bays for quick hard drive upgrade and maintenance

- Status indicator lights on field-replaceable hard drives

- Multi-Site SCS Software to manage 100+ DVRs, enabling the operator to remotely configure, view, search, export, remotely upgrade and monitor alarms

- Cooler operation due to improved air flow throughout the unit

- Efficient MPEG image compression format resulting in longer recording duration times and faster network transmission speeds

- Up to 2 Terabytes of storage capacity

- Two-way audio to/from the remote and server

- Advanced ATM and POS support

- Up to 32 looping outputs

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