Integral Teams with ActiveEye for Video Content Analysis

Integral Technologies, a leading provider of global Digital Video Management Solutions and ActivEye(r), a provider of leading-edge video content analysis software are proud to announce that Integral Technologies is licensing ActivEye's Intelligent Video Management software, Active Alert for integration into its DigitalSENTRY(r) products: DS Enterprise and DS XPress. Customers will experience unprecedented real-time video event detection capability, enabling fewer operators to efficiently monitor far more cameras for longer periods of time with reduced fatigue. This solution also results in a higher probability of critical event detection and virtually eliminates false alarms. Operators also can instantaneously access and retrieve alarm events from a single screen.

Together, Integral Technologies and ActiveEye are introducing the industry's first seamlessly integrated video content solution embedded into the digital video management system itself. Up to 35 behaviors or events with applied rules that matter to the operations of security professionals are standard. This simplifies setup and eliminates the need for an external CPU to analyze the video content. The integration of ActiveAlert into the DigitalSENTRY software creates unparalleled alarm identification and behavior search functionality--all available using the native DSCLIENT interface. This enables end-users to learn one user interface instead of two.

"Integral Technologies is an industry leader in introducing cutting edge technologies to the CCTV markets," states Charlie Erickson, Chief Technical Officer. "We have chosen ActivEye's robust intelligent video platform because of their unique ability to seamlessly integrate into our powerful search and retrieval engine while offering viable, real-time, useful tools that give the Integral product line full video analysis capabilities."

"Active Alert software leads the industry in terms of flexibility and features based on user defined events and business rules," states Carolyn Ramsey, President and CEO of ActivEye. "The integration with Integral's DVRs gives end users an industry first, namely, a single interface delivering direct and immediate access to all alarm information required for decision making and first response."

The unique Active Alert software distinguishes between humans, automobiles, and environmental backgrounds. It automatically identifies, timestamps, and classifies behaviors of more than 20 people/objects simultaneously as they move through a scene. In retail establishments Integral's embedded Active Alert software enhances shrink management, people counting, traffic flow rates, dock and warehouse egress, and analysis of marketing display/POS effectiveness. In educational/commercial markets Integral's Active Alert tracks virtual perimeter or fence intrusion, fallen personnel, entry and exit surveillance, and group loitering. Finally, in the banking industry Integral's Active Alert offers detection of suspicious activity, ATM loitering, wrong way movement, and restricted zone analysis.

The integration of ActivEye's suite of software into the Integral product line provides Integral's enterprise customers with the ability to effectively view, analyze, and use archived video material. Monitoring multiple video screens in an effective manner can become increasingly difficult during a typical watch period. The Active Alert software alerts security personnel to suspicious activity and behavior enabling them to view more monitors effectively while improving their ability to analyze events in real time. Integral's Active Alert also virtually eliminates false alarms by increasing event detection accuracy.