ADT Moves into the Business of Interactive Video Monitoring

With false-alarm concerns being raised more and more commonly by police departments across the United States, ADT Security Services has taken a proactive approach and is now offering interactive video services for its commercial monitoring customers.

The new offering essentially translates to interactive alarm verification, and allows a commercial customer's video to be networked to an ADT monitoring station where video can be examined before deciding whether the security alert pertains to an accidental alarm or real, verified alarm.

The system works for both inputs and outputs according to statements released at the company's booth at ASIS 2004 in Dallas, Texas. The Interactive Video Services allows ADT monitoring staff to use two-way voice, which allows them to communicate back and forth between on-site staff to further explain the scene, as well as to make what the company is calling "pre-scripted announcements" upon finding a suspicious person.

The system will also be used in "video escort" services, allowing cameras to stay focused on employees who are concerned about suspicious areas. Mike Snyder, president of ADT Security Services, said in a company news release that, "Employees, especially those working late at night or by themselves, may feel safer knowing they are not alone in an emergency."