Harrington Signal Announces Fire Spy Product Line

The privately held Fire Alarm Division of Harrington Signal, Inc., based in Moline, Illinois, is pleased to announce the release of the new Fire Spy product line aptly named for the quiet behind the scene complete life safety coverage.

Over the past few years, more and more security panels are being integrated with fire alarm panels. The Fire Spy product line aptly named for the quiet behind the scene complete life safety coverage keeps a watch on your life, property and business to keep you safe from potential harm.

The anchor of the new line is the Fire Spy Tracker 8000 fire alarm control panel. With a modular design, this panel can be either conventional and/or addressable. Through the use of dry contacts, the Tracker 8000 can be integrated with a security panel to meet customers' needs.

One of the most exciting features of this panel is the ease of installation and programming. The basic system comes with 2 addressable loops or 10 conventional zones and can be expanded to 8 addressable loops or 60 conventional zones. The Tracker 8000 panel meets the new UL 864, Revision 9 standards which go into effect in October 2005. Up to 64 panels can be networked together representing more than 60,000-plus points and is currently pending UL final approval for the networking capabilities. A cost savings feature of this panel is the ability to remotely locate the loop cards.

An optional feature of this panel is the ability to remotely troubleshoot the panel from an off site location. This feature is great for customers to hook up a modem and get technical assistance from either their distributor or directly from our factory, therefore, saving the time and money of a site visit to troubleshoot something rather simple. Other unique features of this panel include the capability to setup groups with a maximum of 250 groups and the auto programming capability.

An optional simulator is available to simulate full loops. For instance, you can program your panel at the office to simulate a particular job. If your wires in the field are clean of ground faults, you can hook up the panel and have no problems. This option is a tremendous cost savings to installers who do a sizeable volume of installations within a year. No special wire is required for the addressable communication loops (SLC). The wire can be solid, stranded, untwisted and unshielded. The wire must meet the National Electric Code 760-51 requirements for power limited fire protective signaling cables. In addition to this panel, we have a complete line of UL listed intelligent detectors known as the I-Spy line.

Some of the unique features of these detectors include a locking base. Also, the pre-numbered Xpert cards make installation easy as well as retrofitting the heads. With these detectors, you can change the head without having to reprogram the unit because the base contains the intelligent information, again, saving time and money on retrofitting the heads.

The I-Spy line of detectors have a drift compensation feature which helps in the prevention of false alarms, and again, this saves the customer time, money and potential fines for false alarms. If for any reason the detector loses the polling contact with the panel, it will then convert to a traditional conventional mode, thereby still protecting your lives, property and businesses. In addition, the company has a complete line of C-Spy conventional detectors to round out this product line.