Grace Industries Develops SuperCell

Grace Industries, Inc., of Fredonia, Pennsylvania has manufactured a state-of-the-art SuperCell, 2-Way Secure Radio Signaling Telemetry System for emergency alarm signaling and call back that solves interoperability problems often faced by safety & security personnel.

According to Jim Campman, President of Grace Industries, the SuperCell is a stand-alone high performance two-way radio signaling system that provides the alert and call back between other SuperCell units and a central command base monitor. The unit incorporates Grace Industries proprietary patented Smart-Signal technology so that each SuperCell user becomes part of a networked web where critical emergency alert and call- back signals are repeated between units greatly enhancing system performance in large complex building structures where interoperable communications becomes a concern.

"The SuperCell is based on our TPASS-3 EVACUATE Man Down Alarm System, the only 2-way PASS which is used by fire services world-wide. The Command Base LCD- T3 can receive a call back signal from one or all personnel having a SuperCell, we can identify each individual user. The system can also be interfaced with GPS/AVL components so we know the area where the emergency has occurred," said Craig Walker, President of Grace Sales, Inc., which is responsible for the sales of Grace Industries products nationwide. Walker said the SuperCell has vast application potential including inner city schools, building security/maintenance, security officers, judicial chambers, prisons, U.S. Secret Service/Border Patrol/Customs, airport personnel and more.

The SuperCell is compact, light weight and requires no FCC license to operate. Its digital display identifies the ID Code of the user(s) and other SuperCells in alarm and confirms its status and the last message or condition. The Command Base LCD-T3 displays up to 1,100 personnel present on the scene showing their name and status and can verify a call- back message.

For more information call Grace Sales, Inc. at 1-800-204-7277 or visit their website at