BroadWare Introduces New Network Video Solutions for Mobile Surveillance and Command Centers

BroadWare Technologies, Inc., the pioneer in distributed video surveillance, introduced the latest additions to its platform of network video solutions.

Media Transcoder supports multiple simultaneous video streams per server, is stackable to support an unlimited number of simultaneous viewers and provides users with remote pan-tilt-zoom functionality. Media Transcoder currently supports mobile devices on the PocketPC operating system.

- Command Server -- Command Server is a rapidly deployable application for monitoring of video feeds in command center and other 24X7 monitoring environments. Command Server is a Windows-based application hosted on a server that enables systems integrators to provide video monitoring wall functionality for command centers without custom application development.

Unlike browser-based video monitoring, which can be unsuitable for continuous viewing, Command Server provides high-availability access to network video feeds. This is ideal for command center applications where one user station can control any number of video displays such as "user-less" client machines, display monitors or video walls.