GE Announces Strategy for IP-Based CCTV/Intelligent Video

GE Infrastructure, Security announced at the ASIS Conference in Dallas a strategy that lets users already invested in legacy analog systems create an IP-based video network while continuing to use their existing analog equipment and plans to create new intelligent video capabilities with products such as High Definition-based surveillance systems.

"Digital video technology is continuing to improve at a rapid pace," said Darren Nicholson, Marketing Vice President in Security's Commercial Solutions business. "We are creating the building blocks, both internally and working with other leading technology companies, that will provide integrators and users with fully-featured network video solutions."

At their booth, GE showed how users will be able to bridge the gaps between analog and digital systems by connecting to-be-announced GE IP Platform cameras, digital video recorders, PCs and servers directly to their networks. New GE encoders/decoders will provide network access for currently used analog cameras and monitors. Such innovations will provide high scalability and solve complicated security issues in small commercial to large enterprise business environments

With higher resolution a major challenge facing the video surveillance industry, Nicholson also described how GE and CoVi Technologies, Inc., manufacturer of the award-winning EVQ-1000 High Definition surveillance camera, are collaborating on development of new technologies to integrate high definition video and advanced viewing utilities into network video solutions. The features and capabilities, which are enabled by application HD technologies, will bring a significant added dimension of security to end users of surveillance technology, including new intelligent video solutions.