Toshiba Introduces IK-6400A Video Surveillance Camera

DALLAS, TX -- Toshiba Security & Network Video, a business unit of Toshiba Digital Solutions Division, is expanding its newest generation of video surveillance equipment with the IK-6400A, a high-resolution video camera that harnesses the imaging power of day/night technology.

Key features of the new camera are:

  • Day/Night Imaging - Color by Day and B&W at Night
  • 10-Bit DSP technology
  • Advanced 1/3-inch interlace CCD
  • Low light sensitivity to 0.2Lux @F1.0
  • Outstanding 50dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio for better digital recording
  • Compact Dimensions allow for use with smaller, less expensive housings
  • Razor-sharp 480 lines of horizontal resolution
  • Backlight compensation and automatic shutter
  • Autowhite balance from 2,500K to 10,000K
  • 3 year warranty.

The IK-6400A is recommended as a solution for quality-sensitive, large-scale installations such as courthouses, casinos, hotels, government faculties and army bases.

For more information and the name of a local Toshiba Security & Network Video distributor, call 1-877-696-3822. Or visit