Dedicated Micros Announces BX2 with Continuous Archiving

Chantilly, VA -- Dedicated Micros Inc. announces the availability of the high performance BX2 CA (Continuous Archiving) DVMR with built-in RAID1 mirroring storage.

"This new feature effectively creates an identical copy of all recorded data within the system that allows instant disk 'hot-swapping,' said Don Taylor, vice-president of Marketing for Dedicated Micros. "If one disk fails or is removed, the other continues recording entirely unaffected."

Mirroring capability also allows unlimited long-term data archiving, and permits important video data to be made available instantly to the police with no system disruption.

"The product is ideal for high-risk applications that require higher record rates and image detail, longer-term storage, instant evidence copy for law enforcement or remote analysis of all data," said Taylor.

At the same time, the unit is more cost effective than adding a separate JBOD and provides RAID data protection.

The new BX2 CA offers 600 GB of internal storage and a PC playback device that allow users to review images from other media such as CDR, Zip, Jazz, DAT and/or video export.